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What to Expect

Quite simply, laser therapy provides relief. As the laser is administered, your animal will relax and enjoy the treamtent. This relief from pain will comfort your animal. Often, cats will begin to purr and dogs will start to doze! We recommend that the treatment area be calm and quiet and conducive to relaxation for your animal companion. 


The length of each laser application typically lasts between 3-10 minutes per site being treated. The laser is applied directly to the skin or near the skin, depending on the condition.


There is no need to clip the fur, and normal activity is fine before and after treatments. 


Multiple treatments are usually required for optimal healing. This depends on how acute, chronic, or intense the level of pain and inflammation is when treatment begins. At the beginning of your appointment, we will design a treatment plan for your animal friend, in addition to discussing any changes in diet or additional supplements needed to support the healing process.   

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