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Making an Appointment

Initial Exam

We will get to know you and your animal, review his/her medical history, and assess the current condition and state of health. 


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy has cumulative effects; therefore multiple, consistent treatments are ideal and maximize outcomes. We will adjust treatment schedules based upon the progress of your animal. Chronic conditions generally require more treatments than acute ones. 



Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition is the cornerstone of true health and foundational to healing. In-depth nutritional assessments consider your animal's age, breed, lifestyle, and health challenges to create an optimal way of feeding for return to health. 


Appointments are available in your home, office, or at your primary veterinarian's hospital. For laser therapy and nutritional consultations, labwork and radiographs from your referring veterinarian are very informative and help us create an optimal treatment plan. We believe in a team approach and are honored to be part of your animal's healthcare team!

Homeopathic Consultation

Classical Homeopathy is a gentle method of treatment that is very effective for acute situations in addition to persistent and chronic disease. The consultation is in depth and thorough, taking into account your animal's entire medical history, current state of heath, and individual presentation of disease. 


Ask your primary veterinarian for a referral or contact us directly, either by phone, email, or through the "Contact Us" form on our website. 

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